Vogler Semen Centre is a family owned business since 1983 with 35+ years experience handling and freezing semen. 

Full-Service Bull Collection Facility

  • Semen Collection, Evaluation, and Freezing
  • Frozen Semen Storage and Shipping 
  • Member of CSS
  • Centrally located just off I-80, near Ashland, Nebraska
  • Family owned and operated since 1982

Export and CSS Testing

No testing is required to enter the stud, however, state requirements to get the bull across state line may be needed. Vogler Semen Centre can begin testing on CSS and Exportable bulls but all continued testing is done at our McCook facility, Nebraska Bull Service. Bulls can be hauled there at no expense to the owner in order to get the required testing completed.

Vogler Semen Centre offers a fully equipped lab to process, evaluate and freeze bovine semen

  • The leading edge technology of the Hamilton-Thorne Sperm Analyzer allows for correct, consistent, un-biased semen evaluation every time. Its thorough evaluation includes analysis of sperm motility, live percentage, sperm count and morphology.
  • The most up-to-date bovine extenders and careful handling procedures ensure the highest quality end product possible.

Frozen Semen Storage and Shipping

Our lab is set up to handle all of your semen storage and shipping needs.

    • Storage capacity in excess of one million units
    • UPS Services
    • World-wide shipping available
    • Friendly and personal service

    Advantages of Bovine Semen Collection

    • Insurance against injury or disease
    • Extend longevity of bloodline
    • Increase your ability to make the show circuit
    • Increases marketing potential
    • Allows access to international markets


    "The semen quality, service and professionalism found at the Semen Centre is second to none. We have used virtually every other major competitor from Texas to Kentucky and have found none that compare. Our semen distributors and embryo technologist tell us that our semen quality is second to none..... We now demand that all our partnership bulls be collected by the Vogler Family."
    - Dean Settje, Lonely Valley Limousin

    "We have utilized Vogler Semen Centre since 1993 with a high degree of confidence in their semen collection services. We believe the product itself is top quality, given the favorable comments we receive from our clientele regarding conception rates.... they are excellent in respect to shipping our semen out in an expedient manner."
    - Willers Mitten Brand, Stanton, NE Leading Edge Analysis and Technology

    Semen For Sale

    Now Selling Semen on:

    Mr CCF Vision

    PRICE: 10 straw minimum - $100/straw

    Mr CCF 20/20

    PRICE: 10 straw minimum - $100/straw

    SFI Enough Said

    PRICE: 10 straw minimum - $75/straw

    Collecting Semen on:

    Please Contact Us to see what bulls are being collected and available for viewing.


    At Vogler Semen Centre you can be assured your bulls will behandled properly. The Vogler family has first hand experience handling breeding stock and show cattle. Every effort is made to be proactive in identifying and treating any problems that may arise. Our consulting veterinarians are on call 24/7 in case of emergencies.

    Bulls are housed in individual sawdust bedded pens with attached runs to allow for fresh air and exercise. Feed rations are specially mixed to our specs to ensure high quality.

    We strive to provide you the highest quality product possible.Our high standards exceed the industry average. 

    Conveniently located between Omaha and Lincoln, NE Exit 420, one mile south and then 21/2 miles east on Church Rd.

    • Bulls available for viewing anytime
    • Owners live on facility
    • Stalls bedded with wood shavings
    • Bulls guaranteed to be kept in show condition
    • Individual pens with exercise runs