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  about frozen semen  
    Not all frozen semen is of equal quality. At Vogler Semen Centre emphasis is placed on frozen semen quality, our standard for frozen semen quality exceeds the industry average. Our minimum standard for frozen semen is 55% motility post-thaw. We realize conception is of the utmost importance to our customers and make it a priority to produce high-quality, viable frozen semen. We strive to offer our customers the best service and value on the market.
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The increased use of frozen semen in equine breeding has brought about new opportunities for stallion owners. Changes in the rules governing the use of frozen semen following the sale of a stallion, a stallion’s death, and following the gelding of a stallion have created additional value in banking frozen semen. In order to take full advantage of these opportunities it is important to know the breed association rules governing its use. Each breed association has their own rules pertaining to the use of frozen semen in various situations. Stallion owners should be familiar with the associations rules, as well as the rules of associations the mares being breed are registered with.

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  Frozen semen faq's  

How long can you store frozen semen and still have it be viable?
Properly stored in liquid nitrogen, frozen semen is good indefinately.

Is all frozen semen the same?
No. Not all frozen semen is the same. The quality of frozen semen depends on where it was frozen; the standards for motility and abnormalities, and the lab procedures used during the freezing process.

Do all stallions produce viable frozen semen?
Not all stallions will produce semen that freezes well, however a large percentage of stallions do freeze well. (At Vogler Semen Centre approxiamately 85-90% of stallions collected produced viable frozen semen)

How do I know if my stallion will produce viable frozen semen?
The only way to find out if a stallions semen will freeze is to try.

  Is it possible for a stallion that does not have good quality cooled semen to produce good quality frozen semen?
Yes. Different processes are used for cooled shipments vs. frozen semen. It is quite possible for stallions that do not ship well when using cooled semen to produce good quality frozen semen.

How many straws of semen do you get from a collection?
The number of straws depends on how the semen is concentrated. At Vogler Semen Centre a normal collection yeilds between 15 and 50 straws, with 25 to 30 being average.

How big is a straw/how many sperm cells are in a straw?
Most equine semen is frozen in .5ml straws. The number of sperm cells in a straw depends on how the semen was concentrated by the lab freezing the semen. At Vogler Semen Centre 250 to 300 million sperm cells are put into each .5ml straw.

How many straws are need to be used per insemination?
The number of straws per insemination depends on how the semen was concentrated. All shipments of frozen semen should contain paperwork telling how many straws are required per insemination. Semen processed at Vogler Semen Centre is concentrated for the use of 4 straws per insemination. Stallion owners should send a minimum of 2 insemination doses per breeding.

When inseminating, will I have a similar volume of frozen semen as that of cooled?
No. You will have a smaller volume with frozen semen as the excess fluids were removed prior to freezing.

Is inseminating mares with frozen semen more difficult than using cooled semen?
No. The procedure is slightly different, but quite simple.

Are conception rates when using frozen semen similar or inferior to cooled semen?
Conception rates using frozen semen are similar to those of cooled semen.
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  Quality Counts  
Frozen Semen Quality Counts

By Amy Cook

Widely used and accepted by cattleman world-wide, frozen semen is relatively new to many people in the equine industry. Individual opinions on frozen stallion semen vary widely depending on personal experience. As with fresh and cooled semen, success with frozen semen is greatly dependent on the quality.

Vogler Semen Centre in Ashland, Nebraska, is no stranger to the world of frozen semen. The family began freezing bovine semen in 1983, working with personnel from CSU, KSU and the University of Minnesota to perfect the technique. Already involved with horses in their cattle operation and the cutting industry, frozen equine semen was a natural fit to their existing operation.

  With the equipment to freeze semen already in place, a stall barn and equine collection lab were the only facility additions required to make the transition.

Vogler's were well aware that in the world of frozen semen not all semen is equal. Handling from collection on, including processing and buffers used, greatly affects the quality of the end product. With this knowledge, they took time to research and educate themselves on the specifics of processing stallion semen. They purchased a centrifuge to spin off excess fluid, improving viability after the freeze and tested different equine buffers.

In addition, to benefit both bovine and equine customers, Vogler's purchased a Hamilton-Thorne Ceros Sperm Analyzer. The cutting edge technology of the Hamilton-Thorne provides an unbiased, consistent post-freeze quality analysis. With this information, knowing whether to keep or dispose of a collection is simple.

The hard work and research has paid off. Referrals from past customers, along with people taking advantage of the ability to keep stallions on the show circuit without the distraction of the breeding shed, had created a continually growing market for their equine business.

A natural addition, they began offering mare breeding services to their customers. This breeding season was tremendously successful for them. When the totals were in, they achieved a 91% conception rate on customer Rick Plendl's mares using frozen semen they had collected and froze on his stallion Smart Little Comanche.

Vogler Semen Centre's goal with equine semen and bovine semen is the same, provide the customer with the highest quality product possible with the personal touch of a family run business. In the end, conception is king. If you produce high quality frozen semen your customers keep coming back.

For more information about Vogler Semen Centre contact us at (402) 944-2584
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